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How do you influence people to get the sale?

How do you influence people to get the sale? Great clip that gives a little science to the process. Its not as straight forward as giving somebody something its about how you personalise what you... read more

We all have PURPOSE. Whats yours?

Good article and so true that many leadership lessons can be taken not only from legendary captains of football but sports in general! I look at my own career and the fantastic people i have worked... read more

Need a ‘PEP TALK’ I strongly recommend you click here! #beawesome

We all need a pep talk now and again. I've just had mine so this ones for you! Boring is easy. Take the road thats less travelled!... read more

People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it!

Always worth reminding ourselves. One of my favourite clips reduced to just 5 minutes. If you haven't listened to Simon Sinek the Golden Circle then stop right now and take a look. It really... read more