What Cat's clients say about her...

“I would recommend this programme because I believe it to be special and different from other online programmes related to self-improvement; instead of simply being a ‘passive’ learner, Cat encourages you to take an active role throughout the programme by applying the knowledge to situations in your life, so you really feel like you have embarked on a process of self-development from the second you press PLAY!”
Karen Hendon
‘The session Cat delivered ‘The Bounce Factor – What is resilience, and how can your mindset affect you during job searching?’ was engaging, inspiring and uplifting. Cat was organised, sharing materials in advance and adapting content for our needs. Participants left the session with positive actions to take forward and the feedback from participants reflected the positive approach Cat took to the topic. We are looking forward to working with Cat on future sessions.’
Hannah Perkins, Training and Events Coordinator, Student Futures - Careers and Employability, University of Chester

Cat Williams is a passionate speaker, genuinely concerned about the emotional well-being of young people today. The novel expression of her exploratory, open approach reveals an intellectual curiosity that is infectious. Catch her if you can!

Dr Jeremy H Grundy MA (Oxon), PhD (McGill). Headmaster, Birkenhead School.

Cat was a pleasure to have as an instructor. She is organised and professional. The reviews from seminar participants were among the best we have ever received.

Sharon Hurlbert, Course Manager, Medicine Hat College, Alberta, Canada.


I did a fantastic strength session with Cat yesterday, loved learning about what lifts us, and what we find challenging and how we can dial it up or down to be at our best. Really helped me to better understand my relationships with family and friends how everyone is differently motivated. Highly recommended it, a very empowering positive experience.

Helen Dinneen

Cat has worked with my daughter on her anxiety, giving her coping strategies to alleviate the symptoms.
In the sessions, Cat has used hypnotherapy to help her which my daughter has really embraced. Cat gave her voice notes to listen to at home, which were specifically tailored to her, further helping my daughter to feel in control of her anxiety.
I would definitely recommend Cat to others looking for help.

Laura Roberts

Cat provided a witty and original way to approach resilience and mental health. Her talk had an audience of 250 boys captivated, with a blend of analysis and diagnosis. Cat’s insistence upon the need to question our fears before tackling any next steps made her stand out from many other talks that have been given on this topic. To walk into class following this talk and have 20 lively 15 year olds want to discuss the issues is high praise indeed. Many thanks!

Lloyd Charman. Deputy Housemaster (Joblings) | Teacher of Theology and Philosophy. The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School. 

Cat is such a pleasure to talk to and will always provide a perspective that helps you to think of things in a different way. The Rapid Transformation Therapy that she now performs is incredibly powerful in shifting limiting beliefs and blocks that you didn’t even know existed. I cant recommend Cat highly enough - she is truly gifted with the ability to help you work through any issues, feelings and emotions that are unhelpful. Thank you Cat.

Kate Cousens

The students were very engaged, they gained much personal insight into their emotions, behaviour and the way they relate to others, I had my eyes opened as well!

Carol Carlson, Head Teacher, Ralston School, Alberta, Canada.


Cat was very professional calm and kind. She got to the heart of the matter and helped me make sense of things. Her recording was very helpful and really worked! Highly recommended.

Rose Cleaver

A really insightful experience that really does get to the heart of the matter. Using a very calming series of steps. I was literally blown away by the shift I felt the next day following my session and the speed at which this style of therapy garnered results. Thanks so much.

Nikki Styles