Purposeful Leading


There is something that's really front of mind for me at the moment.

When we look at the current restrictions that are being eased and get a real sense of businesses wanting to now start to pick up the pace a little bit, you can see and you can feel that the motivation and the confidence of people is not where it needs to be from a business perspective and that's absolutely understandable.

However, if you're leader of a team, or an organisation it's really important now that we start to think about how we're going to now ignite that passion and enable our teams now to start to believe again in the business and the team, and in what needs to happen as we move through the next phase. And it's a real challenge and it's a real risk to business now as we start to see some of the restrictions easing.

From my experience in leading teams over the years, one of the most important things that we can we can do to inspire people is to be really clear in what our unifying purpose is, so what I mean by that is as a leader we need to be really purposeful in how we lead our people, our teams and our organisation. Being clear in what we're about, what's at the heart of what we do. So for example, if we take the approach from the government, you know the purpose has always been across the last couple of months around saving lives protecting the NHS and saving lives, think about our businesses in the next 6, 12, 18 months because we probably can't at this stage think too much further ahead than that.

If we just take the first 18 months now - what's at the heart of what we do? Because if we can get clearer on that now, we can then start to communicate and really share and behave in the right way, which will then mean it will ignite and spark some of the passions in our people and in our team and they will then have a reason to be motivated, to get out of bed in the morning to come to work. Have the belief that they're within an organisation, a team or business that is the right business to be part of.

As a leader it's important that we are purposeful in what we do to ensure that we instigate that change in people.


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