#leadership #process #teams Sep 02, 2020

In today’s blog I want to talk to you about how we are planning, preparing and delivering our virtual meetings given the current environment our teams are now working remotely so we've got a real opportunity to use some fantastic tools that are out there to engage, motivate and connect with our teams even though they're working from home.

 In a previous video I talked about the importance of purpose. It's really important you are clear on what that overarching purpose is.

The 'P' I want to talk about is around process. The process you need to go through in order to achieve the purpose. When it comes to process it could be you’ve got an agenda and the intention behind the agenda is that you need to set some real clear direction for your team so that they are clear what's expected, because that's really important as a member of a team -
you need to be clear on what that sense of direction and structure looks like.

Second of those things could be that you're intending to do some involved problem solving so you have some challenges and problems and want to involve the team in helping you work out and get some of the solutions - that's really powerful and really important if you can involve the team in those decisions because they feel more part of the team and increases the trust in the team.

Third thing could be that you want to deliver some difficult and challenging news which is highly likely given the situation at the moment with lots of cascades that are needed in terms of how the business is progressing through this turbulent time.

What I want to get across in this blog is within that process the importance of how you are motivating your teams.

The two underlying motives I want to focus on the video is of those people motivated around affiliation - their underlying motives are around how they can have harmony across the team, really value peoples thoughts and feeling and perspectives and they really like to connect with other people.

If you think about what is happening at the moment -  more people are remote not office based and all the stuff that has been taken away, so it's important as a leader when you're engaging with your team through virtual meetings that you're thinking about your agenda items and how your facilitating to ensure that people are still able to connect with each other.

The second is around achievement, so for some of your team their underlying motives could be around how they're given opportunity to really exceed, stepping outside their comfort zone
and given the opportunity to use their talents, their qualities and strengths in order to really get involved and deliver something that's meaningful.

Think about the process going through, the agenda items and the way you are delegating tasks and the way you are empowering your team through your leadership approach and how your drawing on the qualities and strengths that already exist in your team and giving people an opportunity to really step outside and get involved in what needs to happen.


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