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It's Friday, it's the end of the week and I wanted to finish off the week with a blog just sharing some of the good stuff that I've been listening to and hearing about across this week, and the reason being is there's a lot of challenges out there and businesses at the moment that are really struggling.

There are some real horror stories around how some businesses are reacting and responding to the change that we are experiencing and the events that have unfolded over the last few weeks. But I've been speaking some businesses this week that have really inspired me, and kept my motivational levels up, because they are living by their values and they are doing what's right and I think it's fantastic and it's worth us sharing some of these stories.

So for example, I've spoken to a business this week where their staff have been furloughed. So 80% of their wages have been covered, which is really positive, however they have topped that up to 100%. They recognise the importance the staff in getting a business where it is today and also they've got an eye on the future, that there will be a point that we get through these challenges, where we then need to pull away and pull out, and they recognise that people are the biggest resource in the business. If they can all work together then they're in a much better place, have a much better chance, to pull through this together at the end.

So that was really inspiring. I've also been hearing about companies where their staff are furloughed but every two weeks they are still having a big group call so everyone still feels connected. It's non work related, it's fun, it's motivational but it's just a tactic or an activity that people and businesses are putting in place, that means that people can still feel like the part of a team.

When you're at home, working from home remotely, it's challenging in itself because you've lost what you get when you work in an office, but when you work from home and suddenly you haven't got your work, that's even more challenging and you feel even more isolated and lonely. So activities where you're still keeping in touch with staff, that's really powerful, especially when we come to the end of this, because there will be an end, when we to pull away, that's when you'll really get the benefits of doing such activities.  

Then I am hearing about other activities that are in place, where people have got weekly calls and they're changing part of the agenda for something that's a bit more fun, whether it’s the toilet roll challenge, a picture challenge, or whatever it is, but it's just something that just takes people a little bit away from the seriousness of work and the seriousness of what's happening around us.


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