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Today's my 10-year anniversary so I'm looking forward to spending the day in the garden with the children and my wife. We've got a BBQ planned and I'm not the best of cooks either so we'll see how it goes. 

But I wanted to get a video out because I feel like I've not got one out all week, and I had some great conversations this week with senior leaders as part of some of the sessions I've been running. 

From the conversations I've been having there are some green shoots that are to beginning to appear but I do appreciate that there maybe green shoots for some but maybe possibly not for others, and the emotions you go through with significant change can fluctuate quite quick. 

However, I am seeing a lot more optimism, a lot more positivity and I had a really inspiring session with a senior leader yesterday who is really, really engaging. Who demonstrated a very particular style to how they are adjusting and beginning to think about how they advance through the next few weeks and months. 

Then I've had conversations with other senior leaders who have a different approach and a different mindset in how they are dealing with it, it's quite interesting to see the different dynamics that we all have in how we deal with the situations that we are faced with. I guess I liken it to a ship that has set sail, a long time ago and that ship’s on a particular course and it was aiming to achieve its destination in 3 years, 2 years, 5 years - whatever that time scale was. On that journey it's experienced the most severe storm that it's ever experienced in the past, and that storm has obviously taken considerable energy, time and focus.

 So you've got the different dynamics that play out with this storm when you've got those senior leaders, and those people, that will really focus onthe here and now of just making sure that the ship is in the absolute best possible position to weather the storm, to ensure it doesn't sink and take damage, all that kind of stuff. So the focus is very much on the weather and what we are experiencing absolutely here and now. Then you have got the leaders that will do some of that but they are very much focused on the future as well, very visionary, thinking about what is coming further on down the line.

Will that destination still be the right destination? Is that picture of success and where we were heading still the right place that we need to head? Or do we need to evolve our thinking? Do we need to re-shape where we intended our end in mind was?

And I guess there is a time and place for both. And it's about knowing when the right time is to switch your thinking a little bit. So, when do you need to let go a little bit of what's going on around you, and start to proportion your thinking to the future?


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