Hi all, today I want to talk to you a little bit about the importance of how we are facilitating our meetings with our remote based teams at the moment.

I am sure many of you are on regular group chats and having regular one-to-ones and I want to focus a little bit on the importance of the quality of your facilitation, and how you are facilitating those meetings dependant on the overarching purpose and the process that you're following.

So if we think about an agenda as an example, which forms part of that process, the importance here is just recognising what the outcome that you want from the different items that are added on your agenda and think about the quality of your facilitation and how that helps you achieve those outcomes.

For example, I want to talk a little bit about pace. The pace of your facilitation.

So a little bit too much pace, or if it's not already too much, if you dial up the pace it's more likely that you're going to work through the content a lot quicker with your teams, which means that you'll make much quicker and more decisive decisions for some of the agenda items that's really really important.

However, there will be some items on your agenda when you catch up with your team which is more about taking the time to slow the pace down a little bit because it's about just checking in with your team and just listening and just seeking to understand how everyone is currently feeling, giving everyone a chance to share their thoughts and feelings.

This is important for you as a leader to get a better understanding of where everyone is at.

You may also have some problem solving and you need to share some challenges with your team and just try to seek to understand what some of their viewpoints are and some of their ideas, and some of the potential solutions that you can find across your team.

If you can do that and involve the two that's fantastic but what we need to do here is really slow down, because if we slow that pace down then we create a thinking environment and giving people a chance to share some thoughts also just get some of their thinking out of their heads, and if we're facilitating and we're trying to make decisions too quickly, what we then do is we then stifle that creativity and we stifle that innovation.


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