Drive and Humility


I'm not sure about anybody else, but I’m feeling that sense of urgency to get back to some kind of normality and you can feel it everywhere really can't you? You can hear it in the press, in what they are saying at the 5 o'clock briefings.

I'm talking to various leaders in different businesses, who are also thinking about what 6, 12, 18 months looks like, and there's a real kind of drive to start to move things forward now start to really advance through the next phase and we are getting closer, we know that because of the information that's coming through. 

But there is a kind of an impatience behind what's happening and there's a real challenge as a leader, and as a senior leader or as a business owner at the moment, that manages people that we get the right balance between that drive, and that courage to really now start to move through the next phase.

We must still remember the importance of humility and the importance of being curious and checking in with your team and checking in with your people, to see where they are at, because the reality is that we are all different and we all react very differently to change and as a leader we may have this sense of urgency and we may have this deep drive to push on forward.

However, we may be in a different place to other people and the reality is that this is about taking the whole team forward and it isn't about short-term quick wins, this is now about moving through the next phase and thinking about the bigger picture and about those long-term results and those long terms wins and to do that we all need to go on that journey together.

So it's important still, more than ever, that we have the right balance between that courage and that drive, with the humility, which is the empathy and compassion and knowing exactly where our people are at, so we can then start to support, encourage, motivate and start to get them into a place where they're ready to move forward as well.


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