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At HRP & Brookfield Aviation International we recognise the pressure and uncertainty that professionals in the aviation industry are facing in such a competitive environment. Though change and challenge has always and will always be been around these are unprecedented times.

As a result we have combined our 30 years in aviation recruitment with our passion for enabling high performance - to bring you this world-class coaching solution - to increase your career prospects, by training you on how to get a clear understanding of what energises you and makes you unique as an aviation professional, so you can reach your full potential and be empowered to ADJUST with PURPOSE as your aviation career takes off.

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About this programme...

Our ADJUST with PURPOSE course has been designed specifically with all types of aviation professionals in mind, including pilots, engineers and management personnel, as you all fly through the turbulence of the current challenges within the industry. 

The course delivers a number of targeted, tangible outcomes, effective for the aviation industry, that are achieved through a series of modules and exercises, that are easy to understand and simple to implement again and again, now and in the future. 

Our course contains a series of strength-based practical exercises that are backed up by science and validated by our team's many years of aviation specialised recruiting, practical coaching, training and development experience.

Our digital self-led course – offers you a transformational journey that is self-managed - giving you the autonomy to the learn and progress at your own pace - so you can ensure the maximise benefit from your investment. 

We want you to have absolute clarity about what drives you, your values, motivations and strengths, to establish a foundation built on self-awareness that enables you to clarify your picture of success for the future and to showcase your true value to airlines and aviation organisations.  

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What to expect...

Define your personal identity as an aviation professional – who you are now and how you see yourself in the new aviation recruitment landscape

✓ Release your unique energy & strengths in your aviation role

✓ Connect with your aviation passion and life with greater meaning

 Discover more about your go to emotions - to access accurate self-knowledge and implement effective changes in your aviation career

✓ Learn how to use your go to emotions to your advantage instead of being used by them

✓ Discover and optimise your Unique Strengths to boost your aviation career development

✓ Be inspired to make changes that lead to better outcomes

✓ Build your self knowledge and confidence so you can create and grasp new opportunities in the new aviation recruitment landscape

The Inspiration...

Hi - I am Paul Osorio from Brookfield Aviation International.

I am a specialised Aviation Recruiter and Senior Business Development Manager with 7 years of experience working with +70 airlines worldwide and a record of +500 aviation professionals recruited.  

I have an MSc in Management and BSc In International Business and am a Certified Sport Performance Coach & Martial Arts Expert with 15 years of experience.

I am passionate about providing aviation professionals with the right coaching, education and training solutions that can help them to adapt, grow and succeed in an ever changing recruitment market. 

Hi! My name's Hector and I’m the founder of Helping Reach Potential.

I have over 17 years experience working with some amazing people and businesses, in blue chip environments including 12 years at Camelot Lotteries where I lead the People Development and Leadership programmes. ​​

I’ve spent a large proportion of my career leading people through constant change and challenge - for me there is nothing more rewarding than inspiring and empowering people to reach their potential, regardless of the demands they are facing.  

I’m really excited to share my breath of knowledge and experience with you through this Self Led course.


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