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Minimising Stress & Maximising Resilience Programme


Welcome to our Minimising Stress and Maximising Resilience Programme

Enriching your knowledge and understanding of the vital skill of resilience is a great decision, especially during uncertain times.

Resilience is a skill, which means it can be learnt and once you’ve learnt it, it never goes away, your insight will have expanded and can never go back.

This programme is for you if you want:

✓ a roadmap of tried and tested methods for well-being

✓ greater self-understanding and control over your emotions and actions

✓ to feel calm, in control and empowered

✓ increased self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth

✓ better understanding of others

transformed relationships and communication

✓ strategies to deal with bullying, criticism or negative feedback

✓ to get rid of a relentless internal critic or imposter syndrome

✓ to remove whatever is holding you back

✓ feel more positive, confident and happier

✓ to understand and explore your unique personality strengths

✓  to feel equipped and prepared to face anything life throws at you

What to expect...

  • Bitesize modules and practical exercises that you can consume at your own pace or all in one go
  • Guidance and insight from a highly qualified coach and resilience expert
  • Exclusive access to concepts and ideas developed after many years experience by author Cat Williams
  • A guided process taking you on a journey to develop your knowledge and learning
  • Opportunity to test your learning and create your very own Minimising Stress & Maximising Resilience Action Plan

The inspiration...

Hello, I'm Cat. Since I began my career as a Physiotherapist more than 20 years ago I have been studying and teaching resilience, which I view as being able to move through a period of challenge while remaining in, or emerging into, a place of calm, control and empowerment - the place that we all want to be where we can achieve our full potential no matter what is going on around us.

In my personal life as a military wife I have done this countless times using the roadmap and skills I teach on this course, and as a Strengths Psychology coach, Rapid Transformational Therapist and speaker I show and give people the user instructions to take their brilliant body and mind from a place where they have lost perhaps their sense of control or clarity, or their confidence, focus or purpose, and I guide them through the steps to finding and releasing the certainty, confidence and strength within themselves to face and embrace anything and everything life has to throw at them, and that’s what I’ll do for you in this short programme.

By the end of the programme you will:

✓ Understand the difference between self-confidence, self-worth, self-respect and self-esteem and how to give them a boost

✓ Know how to instruct your mind to give you what you want using powerful mind-set techniques

✓ Be able to use the power of cognitive behavioural therapy so that you can always control your thoughts, emotions and actions

✓ Avoid damaging cognitive filters, defence mechanisms and fight/flight instincts that can get in your way and hold you back, but are easily removed when identified

✓ Realise the powerful influence of your imagination, which is the key to ultimate success

✓ Have acquired techniques for coping with negative feedback, bullying or criticism so that you remain in control during any interaction or within challenging relationships

✓ Understand how powerful self-talk is and know the most important words that you need to be saying to yourself to get what you want

✓ Know your unique personality strengths and understand the types of people who can complement your strengths and help you to achieve success

✓ Have identified the most effective positive coping strategies that work for you to reduce stress, overwhelm, anxiety or negative emotions and behaviours.

✓ Complete your own action plan for a more resilient, healthier and more successful future


About this programme...

There are 10 short modules that use the metaphor of a hot air balloon to shape the structure of the programme...

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