Want to unleash your potential?

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This August, Kevin will be hosting an exciting interactive workshop in Glasgow that will unlock your strengths and help you unleash your potential. Giving delegates a comprehensive introduction to Strengthscope®, the world’s most comprehensive strengths assessment profiling tool, Kevin will demonstrate how, through understanding our key strengths, we can perform to our best ability. The one day workshop will: Raise confidence and … Read More

Habits and how to change them: part two

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In my last blog, we dipped our toe into the science of the habit. This time I’m going to give you some practical advice and show you how to begin to change a habit. In theory, you can achieve lasting change in just 5 steps but for it to work you should be ready, willing and able to give the … Read More

Habits and how to change them – part one

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how to change habits

How often have you come away from a training course, finished a coaching session, read a self-development book or watched a TEDx and been mesmerised by the message? Whether the experience equipped you with a new skill, refined a behaviour or improved a strength, reflecting on the experience, your thoughts probably went something like this: ‘I am changed! I’m going … Read More

Busy doing nothing: do you procrastinate?

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do you procrastinate

An innocent cup of coffee I recently met up with a friend who’s running workshops on procrastination. I sat down with her over coffee and she explained that she was inspired to run the event because of her own battles against it. I sat listening, not really contemplating my own proclivity for procrastination, and began offering my professional opinion on … Read More

When did you realise?

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Anyone who knows me knows that, in my younger years, I was a keen sportsman. Naturally inclined to be creative and imaginative, I wasn’t particularly engaged at school and often found myself gazing out the window daydreaming about scoring in an FA Cup Final, rather than focusing on my lessons. It was a trend that continued for 25 years. Unaware of … Read More